The word ‘community’ can sometimes be misinterpreted. It simply means a group of people (small or big) with something in common. That commonality may be geographical, economic, social, political or simply based on our year of birth. There is an assumption that community is ‘other’ or at least in opposition to the idea of individuality. However as dancers, choreographers, educators and artists, we ARE a community. A community with our own language, definitions, dedicated spaces and specific needs. This community is inherently collaborative, as we need each-other, in a physical capacity, to execute the activity, appreciation and creation of dance.

We may also need each other for other reasons. This page is dedicated to fulfilling those needs. You may be looking for;

  • Advice (financial, technical, theoretical)
  • Training
  • Equipment
  • Space
  • Documentation
  • Access to artists
  • Access to funding
  • Something much more bizarre

This is primarily about skill sharing. A ‘swap shop’ for dance artists to help others in THEIR community develop meaningful and successful projects. As funding becomes more and more difficult to obtain, we are hoping that the dance community can become stronger by pulling together.

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