One of our main aims at HAVOC is to introduce training for professional dancers working collaboratively with communities of interest or place, through a series of local authority partnerships. Particular skills are needed in order to work safely, respectfully and appropriately within this context. 


A programme of specific workshops will provide professional dancers with the tools needed to collaborate with non-vocational dancers. These include;

  • Dance and older people (50+)
  • Collaboration and physical | intellectual disability
  • Adult beginners
  • Youth programmes (outside schools)
  • Youth dance programmes (schools)
  • Dance with non-English speaking communities
  • Dance in a health context
  • Dance in a medical environment
  • Site specific collaborations
  • Collaborating with artists from other disciplines
  • Alternative language for non-dancers
  • Documenting the process of collaboration
  • Evaluating your process
  • From commercial to contemporary (why won’t they take their shoes off???)

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