These video works have not been developed by HAVOC but have been gathered by our team, as valuable resource documents for the professional dance sector. Included is work by Irish dance artists, as well as international artists, symposia, interviews, promotional clips and stuff we find absolutely fascinating.


Interview with William Forsythe

Clip from dance-tech.tv

‘Dance is at the bottom of the food chain…. maybe just above poetry’ – William Forsythe

Dance and “Normality” Symposium, Geneva, Switzerland

Clip from dance-tech.tv

Focus – Dance and disability

‘Normal is not a neutral word… it has caused a lot of pain and a lot of damage. So I think any time we use the word, we should be aware of its gravity’ – Lennard J. Davis 

Interview with Liz Lerman

Clip from UDC-TV

‘I think the world is demanding that (horizontal practice) from most people. Most people are going to be Hybridized, most people are going to have multiple interests and they’re going to want to expand themselves’ – Liz Lerman


DANCE ARTIST | Ailish Claffey | Essay – ‘Tracing the relationship structures in two contrasting dance works’ 2012


DANCE ARTIST | Michelle Cahill | Essay – The Genesis Project – Embodying New Practices for Dance Artists in Ireland in the Twenty First Century 2010



Clip fromMark Morris Dance Center in Brooklyn, The Juilliard School in Manhattan

‘Why dance for P.D.?’

Clip fromMark Morris Dance Center in Brooklyn, The Juilliard School in Manhattan

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